“Super Santa” for Android and “Santa Lost his Sleigh” for iOS is here



O o! Santa is off his sleigh and Rudolph is pulling away. Help Santa catch his sleigh.

Touch the Santa to make him fly and grab food to move forward. Avoid the green krypton that can bump the Santa off and end the game. Also, if Santa goes off the screen game ends. Collect the gifts for Santa by swiping on them. Have fun!

App Store: Get it for iOS devices

Google Play: Get it for Android devices

Amazon Store: Get it for Kindle Fire


Simulator Screen Shot Dec 1, 2015, 9.30.07 PM

New iOS App “SaveTheFatman”. Save the Fatman and earn Bitcoins!

SIcon@2xave the Fatman by keeping him alive and running for as long as you can. Don’t let him eat too much. Don’t let him eat too little. Slice the food and see the calories. Collect the Fatman coins. The first ten to Submit 100,000 coins will win 0.1 Bitcoin.  Bonus coins each minute of play. Playing continuously will increase the bonus exponentially.

App Store: Get it for iOS devices

Google Play:  Get it for Android devices

Amazon Store: Get it for Kindle Fire